Our Story


Oliver MacArthur (Ollie)

Oliver has a nut allergy and has experienced first-hand the difficulties and stresses of eating out with allergies! As a food lover, he wants to help other food-allergic people to be more informed when eating out. Oliver has a background in investment management and has lived in London all his life. He has an experimental approach to cooking.

Alexandra Wyatt (Alex)

Alex is a life-long vegetarian and avoids dairy, so knows how restrictive some menus can be – she hopes to change that! She has a background in strategy consultancy focusing on innovation and digital. Alex likes writing and has a more scientific approach to cooking.


Problems we solve

Too often eating out with food allergies and intolerances is a stressful experience. We want to help you relax and have fun when you are eating out.

Whilst statistics matter, a reason for creating this website was also the highly publicised case of Paul Wilson who died from an allergy attack. Allergy Out enables people with food allergies to review and read reviews on places to eat out (or takeaway!)

Here’s a list of problems we aim to solve every day! See if you can try to find yours.

Your friends and family are supportive but perhaps they don’t quite get how stressed you get about eating out when you don’t know anything about the restaurant.

Perhaps your friends and family simply don’t understand how it feels like to be an allergy parent when you take your child out for a meal.

Maybe you just want to try somewhere new to eat out and have a nice time because you like good food!

Before you go please do read our restaurant reviews or leave a review of restaurants you’ve eaten out at.   

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